Laundry Rooms

In the modern laundry room washer and dryer custom cabinetry is an amenity well worth the expense. Today’s room is a sunny, cheerful, appealing part of the home. For convenience and conviviality Sharp Woodworking can craft laundry furniture attractive enough to complement any adjoining room.

Imagine an attractive room featuring functional, solid wood cabinets worthy of any in the home!  Integrate wood colors or with painted/stained real wood containing space for all laundry requirements. Do you need some deep drawers for detergents? A closet for linen? An  enclosed area for cleaning tools or the ironing board? Allow us to show you designs. Or show us yours and we’ll take it from there!

Are you looking to have your custom Laundry Room designed and built? You found the right shop. We will help you from start to finish. Call us at (781) 828-6119 for a no-obligation consultation and to receive a free estimate.