Products & Services

Our products are custom designed from real, solid wood. We work closely with builders, architects and designers to deliver quality cabinets and other custom furniture which is expected of expert skills honed over years of plying their craft.

For your convenience, Sharp Woodworking does on-site consultation and design. We build all parts; there are no middlemen. Therefore everything is done on schedule by an exclusive professional craftsman for your cabinetry project. To meet your unique design, if necessary, we will manufacture the specific tools for your cabinets and furnishings.


Rest assured that custom residential furniture crafted by Sharp Woodworking will add immeasurably to your pride in and the value of your home.

The new focal point and gathering place in your home is the kitchen- the heart of the home. What do you want to say about yourself to family and friends?

An inviting, beautiful bathroom can set your mood for the day and complement other stylish rooms. And it can be the retreat that restores you after a tiring day.

Let Sharp Woodworking show you ways to maximize space in your home office and cleverly integrate it with the furnishings in an adjacent room. Let our custom made office desk and cabinetry create the perfect work environment for you.

Imagine an entire wall replete with the latest electronics encased in custom made, solid wood of your choosing.

Your dining room conjures up thoughts of family meals and special moments. Why not enjoy luxurious, custom crafted, dining room furniture in solid wood? Sharp Woodworking has many design idea.

The cabinet will be built to your design or ours and maximize the available space. Our skilled cabinet makers are sensitive to your needs and ready to create a piece just for you!

Your custom built pantry can be contiguous to the kitchen or dining room and created in a pleasing solid wood shade which complements your current house floor plan and furniture.

You’ll want the bar to be integrated with other furniture in your home. One way to accomplish this is to custom design a piece of furniture which you can be proud of.

For convenience and conviviality Sharp Woodworking can craft laundry furniture attractive enough to complement any adjoining room. Imagine an attractive room featuring functional, solid wood cabinets worthy of any in the home!

Let our experts help you design your mudroom. For convenience and conviviality Sharp Woodworking will craft your mud room furniture attractive enough to complement any adjoining room.


Today projecting the right corporate image is paramount for companies. To do so more and more are utilizing custom crafted, real wood in their design layouts. Our skilled craftsmen have experience with offices, reception areas, lobbies, hotel room furniture and other commercial products.

Let us integrate wood to match your entire office scheme. Choose from a multitude of colors of natural or painted wood. We will work with your designer and architect to achieve the best result.

Sharp Woodworking’s appropriate, real wood treatments can accomplish the desired effect and maximize space. Our skilled craftsmen have extensive experience with custom office furniture design and construction.

Real wood furniture in large, commercial quantities is one of our fortes. Sharp Woodworking makes custom-crafted furniture to complement the unique design and décor of your hotel. Provide attractive customer amenities!

Our craftsmen won’t just custom design real wood furniture for your space, they will maximize the space available. This will benefit your patient flow as well as their comfort.

Other products and services

Some accessories such as utensil organizers, and silver and copperware organizers are included in the price. Others are available by ordering them from us.

You are offered many eco-friendly choices. You may choose from sustainable resources such as bamboo and liptus. You can select a variety of water-based formaldehyde free, low VOC finishes.