You will choose from a wide variety of finishes, not just in color. You may select color matching or tinted, pigmented top coats We offer different bases (solvent based, mineral spirit based, alcohol based) and bleaching if you don’t wish to opt for the wood’s natural color; dyes, including powdered dyes are also a possibility. For base coats we use vinyl sealer on natural wood and a post catalylzed primer with 65% solid base. Top coats feature post catalyzed varnish and post catalyzed paint in six sheens; UV protected, non-yellowing, top coats are also popular.

Sharp Woodworking’s finish supplier keeps dry and wet samples from all custom colors for three years. Powdered stains and dyes including water based dyes are available, as are special finishing processes such as sand blasting, and wire brushing.

We are happy to consult with you, your architect, designer or builder to provide more information to help you choose the right finish for your custom cabinets and we will provide MSI sheets upon request for any project.