About Us

The owner of Sharp Woodworking has been creating custom woodworking for more than thirty years and works with a team of professional craftsmen. Schooled as a furniture maker in Europe, he knows how quality, custom furnishings can dramatically add value to your home investment and your comfort and pride too.

We are known to build high-end top quality custom cabinet and furniture for a competitive price. If you are looking for a company that has vision that can help in designing your custom furniture and pays extreme attention to detail, we are here for you. We efficiently work with home owners, designers, architects, and builders- be it new construction or renovation. We have the capability to manufacture our own router bits, enabling us creating a truly original design.

We will help you understand the benefits of different construction styles.You will learn about various quality finishes, so you can make an educated decision and the result will show it. This is why our work has been recognized by Old Interior Houses magazine!

For your peace of mind we are fully insured for all contingencies be they yours or ours. Remember: if you can envision it, we can deliver it!

Contact us today for a no-pressure, no obligation consultation.